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Seed of Life Stained Glass Pyramid Plant Hanger

Seed of Life Stained Glass Pyramid Plant Hanger

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A unique style of plant hanger made from hand-cut stained glass suspended inside of a precision machined wooden frame. Every piece contains a one of a kind mix of colors and texture within the cut of high quality stained glass. No matter the light source, they take on a vibrance throughout the day as they capture the sun and even cast mini rainbows from the 15mm prism which hangs from their base.

The wooden cut-out adorns both sides of the glass and is protected by a lacquer finish. The bottom pyramid is made from precisely cut stained glass attached to a three dimensional frame. Edges are softened to a high grit for a smooth straight edge. Copper chains connect the piece to a steel spinning hook that easily hangs with its 1" open end.

These make a unique gift and are the perfect home for tillandsia, crystals, or even small succulents planted inside the pyramid.

**plant is not included**

**mixed color glass may cause variation in the actual product shipped vs the listing photos**


-total length: 18"

-glass diameter: 5"

-triangle width: 3" 

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