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Glowing Iridescent Stained Glass Wooden LED Pendant | Hamsa

Glowing Iridescent Stained Glass Wooden LED Pendant | Hamsa

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Stained Glass
Gemstone Bezel

Be sure people know that you are really awesome and wear one of these to your next dance party. They shine bright, and last long (60+ hrs). Included is your choice of crystal, a unique piece of IRIDESCENT stained glass, and the LED color to match your aura on those wild nights out. They're built to withstand a party, and they're casual enough to be worn every day.

Each component was designed and developed to be customizable, user friendly, durable, and easy to repair, just in case. I am able to service any issues that might come up with your piece after many a long night.

After choosing a body style, The LED color choice is static. The color is tinted by the choice of glass which diffuses it. A single 2032 battery will last 60+ hours.

The pendant comes on a sleek dark brown polyester cord that is tied to be adjustable to fit your style

I'm striving to spread these special pieces across countless communities and hope to to see everyone rocking one at the festival soon!! THANKYOU

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